Jason Dark

jason dark,

javascript developer.


I work with agencies and businesses from all over the world to deliver web projects. I focus on JavaScript development, mainly on React and Node.js.


I'm a bit of a utility player in the tech space. I've held varied ICT roles covering areas such as systems, infrastructure, networking, software engineering, and ICT management. Nowadays I focus on what I enjoy the most - JavaScript development.


To name a few (in no particular order of importance):

  • React icon React
  • JavaScript icon Vanilla JS
  • Typescript icon Typescript
  • Node.js icon Node.js
  • Nextjs icon Next.js
  • Firebase icon Firebase
  • Gatsby icon Gatsby
  • GCP icon Google Cloud
  • Netlify icon Netlify
  • Contentful icon Contentful


Based in Auckland, New Zealand, you can find me online in these places: